Free Community Workshops! Come learn about birth…

In this workshop we will dive deep into what birth REALLY looks like and how it really works. Indie Birth‘s birth education resources have been hugely popular in the online natural birth community, but we want to see more change, faster, and so have opened these shorter immersion sessions to make the most crucial information as accessible as possible.

This will be a multi-media, experiential learning event. My hope is that you will leave feeling fully immersed in what birth really looks like and feels like when we understand and respect the process. I also hope that you will leave with a stronger sense of what you want for your own birth (if you are planning one) and how you are going to get what you want and need for you and your baby.

Lap babies are always welcome, and children too if you feel like you’ll still be able to focus.

**Everyone who is interested is welcome – you do NOT need to be pregnant or planning to become pregnant to attend. I love when we have people of all ages, sexes, genders and backgrounds attend!**

Our next workshop will be 29 July 2017 at Miss Tina’s in Sunderland, from 10am to 1pm. Full details and tickets here: FREE COMMUNITY BIRTH WORKSHOP.

Watch this space for future events.